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No Way Ishowspeed Made A Better World Cup Song Than Lil Baby

No Way Ishowspeed Made A Better World Cup Song Than Lil Baby

Lil Baby’s official song for the 2022 FIFA World Cup monikered “The World is Yours to Take” seems to have been left in the dust of IShowSpeed’s own anthem “World Cup“.

In fact, it took only about 3 hours for Speed’s music video to surpass the number of views that Lil Baby has received till now. 

For starters, Lil Baby’s song lacks the energy that any anthem needs to have. While it may be a good production in itself, it simply doesn’t meet the bar for it to be a true anthem. You can’t really sing along to the song. And, there’s simply no hype to it! 

Speed’s song, on the other hand, is an absolute banger! You can’t not get hyped up listening to it.

While it does sound a bit like Speed’s vision of a Portugal win, it still brings out the diversity of teams and the craze that any football enthusiast feels for the largest and most prestigious football tournament in the world.

Speed beats Lil Baby World Cup Song in terms of views in 3 hours only

Moreover, you’ll find yourself humming “World cuu-uu-uup” after listening to Speed’s song and engaging in light headbanging while you’re actually listening to it. Lil Baby’s official song simply fails to leave an impression of any kind on your mind. 

The fact that Speed is a football enthusiast himself only helps his cause. The 19-year-old YouTube phenomenon is known to participate in European football as an amateur.

And his involvement in the world of sport-based video games, especially as a player who streams his FIFA gameplay, has made him a regular in the largest footballing communities in the world. 

Fans are actually saying that Speed’s musical production should be granted the status of being the official song for the FIFA World Cup. Whether or not that happens, the young creator has successfully disrupted the football fan base. 

The FIFA World Cup is set to be held in Qatar in the second half of November. It’s worth noting that this will be the first time that Qatar takes part in the World Cup. 

As sad as it sounds, Lil Baby’s song is far too generic for it to be a true anthem. Despite being the official song for the World Cup, Speed’s song is being touted to be THE song for the tournament!

Check out the World Cup anthem from Ishowspeed below –