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The Sad Reason Why Ishowspeed Barks During His Live Streams

The Sad Reason Why Ishowspeed Barks During His Live Streams

Ishowspeed, popularly monikered Speed by his YouTube fanbase, now has an opportunity to meet Cristiano Ronaldo during his time in England and he has Rio Ferdinand to thank for it.

The YouTube star was presented with the opportunity when he was on a live stream with the ex-Manchester United veteran currently working with BT Sport. 

Ishowspeed had already tried to meet Ronaldo at Old Trafford, during United’s game against Aston Villa in the Carabao Cup. It’s worth mentioning that he was at Old Trafford as a guest of the home club.

Unfortunately for him, Ronaldo was left out of the squad in that game.

The 17-year-old is a die-hard fan of the Portuguese and even has Ronaldo’s trademark celebration ‘Sui’ in his Twitter bio. While speaking with Ferdinand, he even says that he would do anything for the United star. 

So, one can imagine his excitement when Ferdinand asks him whether he would like to meet his single greatest idol.

Ferdinand does not make things easy for Speed though. He tells Speed that he’ll try and make arrangements only if Speed agrees to one condition. 

Ferdinand says, “Only one thing I will say, don’t do that barking sh*t, none of the *barks twice*. It ain’t going to go down well.”

Speed, excited beyond imagination, says that he will abide by any rules necessary if it means getting a chance to meet his idol. 

The YouTube gamer had explained why he started ‘barking’ on a YouTube live stream with fans.

Speed said that his cousin had had a rough upbringing and it was on his advice that he began using the bark as a way of expressing how he feels at a given moment.

Speed has been very vocal about the fact that it’s not really a bark, but an expression of his emotions.

Notably, Speed is a huge football fan that has managed to make his way into some of the footballing community’s most exclusive cliques as a result of his rapid rise to internet fame.

In fact, the 17-year-old even released a music video for the Qatar World Cup titled ‘World Cup’ and managed to beat the views of one of the official World Cup songs titled “The World is Yours to Take” performed by Lil Baby, in just 3 hours. 

Speed’s reaction to possibly getting the opportunity to meet Ronaldo also elicited some hilarious takes by Twitter users on how the meeting is going to go down.

Some users hilariously commented that the 17-year-old1 is going to end up doing his signature bark and Ronaldo is going to file for a restraining order against him. 

Let’s hope none of that actually happens and Speed gets a chance to have a one-on-one meeting with a player he’d do “literally anything for.”