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Look: Alex Iwobi Debuts Rapping Skills Along with Everton Midfielder Amadou Onana

Look: Alex Iwobi Debuts Rapping Skills Along with Everton Midfielder Amadou Onana

Alex Iwobi has become a journeyman in the Premier League over the last four years. He moved to Everton from Arsenal in 2019. Fast-forward to present and he’s now back in London playing for Fulham. It also appears that a return to the capital has inspired the Nigerian midfielder to pursue one of his hobbies.

Iwobi is not only a versatile player, but he appears to have developed a love for the UK rap scene. The Nigerian star loves delivering rap verses. He’s been rapping for around six years now and has now taken a serious step forward in showcasing his rapping skills. A lot of footballers have different things they love off the pitch and Iwobi’s one seems to be rapping.

Recently, Iwobi decided to publicly reveal his rapping skills to the world on social media. On his Instagram account, the Fulham star posted a little clip of him rapping his original verses. The rap ‘song’ doesn’t really have any music to him, but just him dishing out the verses in raw fashion.

Soon after that, Iwobi released his debut single rap song ‘Hate on Me’. In fact, he has even created his own ‘stage name’ and partnered up with former Everton Amadou Onana for the rap single. Iwobi is known as ’17’ for the song and Onana’s name is ’24AM’.

The song is a three-minute, nine-second track that combines drill and hip-hop elements. Iwobi had initially released the song on Soundcloud, but that has now changed. He appears to have deleted it from that platform and might be making some changes to it.

The lyrics of the entire song are yet to be available, but some verses go like: “Footballer fits are local, trust me the fits are coming clutch. I make her temper run and she calls me a little candy crush. Screaming Onana but lemme show you wah I’m a do.”

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The ‘footballer fits’ bit is actually a really cheeky reference to a popular fan account on social media. This is a reference to the ‘Footballers fits’ account on Instagram, which has over 500,000 followers. The account is based on showing out the best attires worn by popular footballers and how ‘cool’ their fit (a shorter term for outfit) really looks like.

The Nigerian star has gained the Footballers fits’ appreciation for including them in his latest rap track. Despite that, Iwobi has really divided fans with his new rap track, getting both positive and negative reviews. There are some who seem to like it and how ‘cold’ his verses are. Some are even comparing him to famous UK rapper Central Cee, whose current track ‘Sprinter’ is impressive in the UK charts.

However, most of the fans seem to find this rap song as really cringe-worthy. They don’t seem to find his flow or rapping style to be anything like most of the UK artists. Some fans feel that Iwobi really lacks the qualities to stand out as a rapper and doesn’t have that ‘x-factor’ needed to make rap songs stand out.

A lot of fans want him to probably give up his dreams of pursuing rapping as a profession and just keep the hobby to himself. Some are even threatening to take action against any music studio that gives him the platform to make these tracks.

Iwobi is unlikely to be one to care for the criticism. His song is literally a manner of him ‘dissing’ those who try to hold him back. The Nigerian star is likely to give his new single a broader release soon and keep pursuing his dream of being a memorable rapper.