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Score Guy and Coat Guy: Two Arsenal Fans You Can’t Escape on Live TV

Score Guy and Coat Guy: Two Arsenal Fans You Can’t Escape on Live TV

Over the last few years, Arsenal supporters have gained an infamous reputation. The rise of AFTV (formerly known as Arsenal Fan TV) helped that. They greatly promoted the rise of ‘fan cams’ where supporters are allowed to give their views on matches, players or other football topics.

AFTV gained a lot of followers from the 2016-2022 period. A few supporters like the ever-optimistic Ty helped make a lot of videos go viral. With that being said, the AFTV fans aren’t the only ones representing Arsenal.

The Gunners have a healthy group of match-going supporters, two of whom are starting to go viral for how often they can be seen celebrating in the stands.

One such unique fan is a person that has been termed as ‘coat guy’ or ‘npc’ by Football Twitter.

Cameramen love to pan their cameras towards the fan reaction after goals to get some juicy content that can also be shared online. Well, some cameramen seem to have fixated on this particular fan during multiple games this season.

The ‘coat guy’ has gained this term because he appears to wear the same attire in games. This includes a long brown coat, an old-school brown cap and format attire within. This person’s identity or name is yet to be identified, but his regular occurrence have weirded out a lot of fans.

He’s been compared to be similar to an NPC (non-playable character) in video games. This is as in how his reactions seem to be very robotic and something that doesn’t come off as natural. However, the coat guy has found competition in the fight to get the camera’s attention.

This ‘competition’ comes in the form of someone simply called ‘Score guy’. Unlike the ‘coat guy’, this Arsenal fanatic is shameless about his reputation on Football Twitter. He has a Twitter account with over 27,000 followers and loves to show himself off.

The ‘Score guy’ has been attending Arsenal matches for decades and is a season ticket holder as well. He almost always seems to bag the best seats in the house for himself in matches, going home and away.

He has been caught on camera during matches for quite a few seasons now and seems to love the competition from the ‘coat guy’. He has actively been calling out his fellow supporters on social media to ‘up his game’ with his reactions for the camera.

Football Twitter is absolutely eating up this competitiveness. It is being linked to be similar to the ‘two players in every position’ mantra that Mikel Arteta has implemented at Arsenal this season.

Fans want to see the ‘coat guy’ and ‘score guy’ go up against each it, be it with their reactions or perhaps even in a mock boxing fight!

With Arsenal poised to score many goals and win many matches this season, it remains to be seen exactly who among these two meme supporters can win the battle for the camera’s attention.