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AFTV host is an idiot for claiming Troopz made Arsenal relevant

AFTV host is an idiot for claiming Troopz made Arsenal relevant

Despite recent disappointments, Arsenal remains one of the biggest clubs in English football. Part of the elite Premier League Big Four, the north London outfit has a generous fan following, one that was built on the blood, sweat, and tears of those who represented the club over the years. 

However, an opinion has surfaced online that appears to suggest otherwise, much to the chagrin of faithful Gooners.

Aumar Hamilton aka Troopz, once part of the AFTV fraternity, who had recurring appearances on the YouTube channel before departing in 2020, appeared again in a recent interview with AFTV’s Cecil Jee Thomas.

Speaking of his contribution towards the club, Troopz claimed that Arsenal “don’t even acknowledge me” and that he wasn’t “respected in England”.

To this, Cecil interrupted and suggested, in no certain terms, that Troopz had a major role in making Arsenal “relevant” by saying: 

“A bit of respect… you’ve kind of made the club relevant, I’m going, to be honest”.

Troopz then went on to add how in America, where he’s been at with Barstool Sports, he comes across fans who thank him for entertaining them through his videos, turning many of them into Arsenal supporters in the process.

The clip which has since gone viral on social media understandably provoked angry reactions from Arsenal supporters and were unanimous in calling out Cecil for his ignorant remark.

No doubt, Troopz might have influenced people through his Arsenal-centric content, but Cecil’s claim that he made the club “relevant” holds absolutely no weight.

And though it was the host’s inadvertent remark that drew the ire of seething Arsenal supporters, Gooners weren’t far behind in slamming Troopz for overestimating himself either.