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Video: Ex-AFTV Troopz annihilates Willian live on air during Southampton loss

Video: Ex-AFTV Troopz annihilates Willian live on air during Southampton loss

It is safe to say that Willian is not the most popular player amongst Arsenal fans at the moment, about half a season after his switch of clubs across the city.

The Brazilian winger has had a very underwhelming start to life in North London, after Arsenal signed him for free in the summer window when ex-employers Chelsea refused to bend their contract policy in order to oblige to his wage demands.

Willian has three assists in the league but has still not found of the back of the net for his present club.

His awful form has meant that Arsenal fans have not taken lightly to the 32-year-old, as the seasoned veteran’s acquisition on a three year contract was supposed to guarantee additional experience and attacking ability to the squad.

Arsenal’s 1-0 loss to Southampton in the fourth round of the FA Cup today coincided with another woeful display from Willian, as Troopz, formerly of Arsenal Fan TV fame, ripped into the Brazilian in an aggressive rant on air.

A frustrated Troopz went all out against Willian in a very explicit rant that has now gone viral on social media platforms.

An Arsenal fan infamously known for his passionate rants on his club and mostly Arsène Wenger during his AFTV days, Troopz was rueful as he voiced his frustration at both the Brazilian’s dismal performance on the night, as well as the club’s decision to sign him up for three years.

Rival fans have found Troopz’s live meltdown quite entertaining to say the least, as the clip shows a very involved and passionate fan displaying his anger towards his club’s decisions.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that if Willian’s performances continue to be frustrating, even a higher majority of Arsenal fans will join Troopz in wanting to see the back of him.