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How CFCMOD Ruined an Iconic Eden Hazard Premier League Era Photo

How CFCMOD Ruined an Iconic Eden Hazard Premier League Era Photo

Eden Hazard’s surprising retirement has sent Chelsea fans into nostalgic mode. Supporters from all over the world are paying homage to the Belgian winger for creating a lot of memories during his time at the club.

Hazard had his best years at Chelsea, helping them win multiple Premier League titles during his time at the club. His arguably best campaign at Chelsea was the 2016-17 season. Hazard played a huge role in helping the Blues win the title, scoring 16 goals in the Premier League.

The title celebrations that ensued delivered an iconic photo of Hazard holding the Premier League trophy.

However, the said image was ruined for many by one Football Twitter user in particular.

CFCMod, a popular Chelsea fan on Twitter with over 600,000 followers, is being blamed for ruining that iconic image of Hazard. That is because of something he did by editing the Belgian winger’s picture back in 2018.

In an attempt to rile Liverpool fans, Mod decided to take out the shape of Hazard with the Premier League trophy. He then added that picture in the front of a picture of the Hillsborough Disaster in a way of ‘mocking’ the Liverpool fans.

The tweet was extremely distasteful as it mocked the 97 Liverpool fans who died that day. The disaster happened due to a stampede at the Hillsborough Stadium during an FA Cup semi-final game between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest.

Mod was probably well aware of how offensive this picture would be for Liverpool fans and actually went through with it at a time when he still had a lower follower base. He has, of course, deleted the picture ever since – but nothing like that ever goes past the internet.

Fans are still slamming him for that awful tweet and how he ruined that iconic image of Hazard in the process too. Chelsea fans will probably have to now look into some other trophy celebration pictures of the Belgian star to remember him going forward.