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Everton Trio Completely Slay With Baby Shark Dance Video

Everton Trio Completely Slay With Baby Shark Dance Video

With each passing year, the beautiful game becomes slightly more robotic. 

Players are expected to play a certain way, act a certain way and even express themselves within certain confines. 

On the pitch, this is evident through how coordinated the football seems at times. 

There’s nothing wrong with precise build-up play or sweeping counters, but it all seems a bit automated, mainly because the players are to operate as per tactical instructions. 

Due to this, you don’t often see them break into vivid displays of skill and flair, especially when compared to the 90s, where playing with personality was the norm. 

Nevertheless, there are still a few stars holding down the fort, the likes of Neymar Jr and Lionel Messi come to mind.

And fortunately, the player’s expression has found a new lease on life through the joyous medium of dancing. 

We’ve seen it on the pitch numerous times with players busting out some moves in celebration, it recently even became a movement after the world came together for ‘#bailaVinijr’

Vinicius Jr has been in the limelight lately due to his dancing.

Limiting footballers through stereotypes and expectations is honestly ridiculous, and it’s great to see players being their unapologetic selves. 

Recently, Alex Iwobi took to Tiktok to post a video, which showed off some sick moves by the Everton quartet of Amadou Onana, Yerry Mina, Demarai Gray and the Nigerian himself. 

Certain fans online found the clip hard to digest, and their comments hark back to the aforementioned stereotyping. 

In contrast, we think the clip goes hard.

Amadou Onana is a fan favorite already at Everton.

Captured after Everton’s maiden Premier League win of this season against West Ham, it shows off some of the dressing room celebrations.

The moves on display are dripping in sauce, and the chemistry between the players is actually electric. 

From the go, it’s apparent that the clip isn’t precisely choreographed, there are missed cues, and we highly doubt that Mina was instructed to crab walk across the room in the stiffest manner possible.

He still matches the vibes though, so fair play. 

Nevertheless, despite the lack of sync, the result manages to be absolute gold.

With Ralan Styles’ remix of ‘Baby Shark’ blaring in the background, we see Gray walk across the screen as the beat drops. 

Demarai Gray is one of Everton’s most underrated players this season.

As he disappears, Iwobi, Onana and Mina take centre stage, with the Belgian whipping out a flawless ‘Griddy’. 

The Nigerian then executes a series of elaborate hops culminating in an epic shuffle, after which the newcomer takes over once again. 

With the limelight on him and the drums stripped from the track, Onana goes ham and pulls off some brazzy shoulder leans in sync with the drop, these are absolutely filthy. 

The moment had the players hyped as hell, and you can hear cheers despite the loud music. 

Evidently, Onana has settled in seamlessly and even joined a dance troupe like no other.

Together with Gray and Iwobi, the trio have been crucial to Everton’s performances so far this campaign. 

Despite having just the solitary victory under their belt, 2 defeats in 7 games is a huge step up from the side that narrowly avoided relegation last season. 

We certainly hope that more celebration-worthy occasions follow for the Toffees, mainly because we’re itching to see more of their splendid moves. 

The Merseyside Blues currently sit in 13th place and are scheduled to take on Southampton after the international break.