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Hakim Ziyech unimpressed with Romelu Lukaku’s dance move in funny new video

Hakim Ziyech unimpressed with Romelu Lukaku’s dance move in funny new video

Chelsea have collected 3 major titles in the past year and as such, they’ve had plenty to celebrate about. 

And the Blues sure know how to celebrate. 

The dressing room dance-offs that occurred after the Champions League triumph went viral and so did the ones after the Super Cup victory. 

Following in the tradition, similar footage emerged after Chelsea won the Club World Cup in Abu Dhabi. 

And as always, the likes of Antonio Rudiger, Jorginho etc were the highlights, as was Malang Sarr. 

However, Romelu Lukaku’s moves were certainly less impressive and Hakim Ziyech’s reaction says it all. 

He scored the opener for the Blues with a bull header and also netted the only goal of their semi-final against Al-Hilal. 

While the Belgian can be proud of his contributions to the win, his dancing skills leave more to be desired. 

In a clip doing the rounds on the internet, Lukaku can be seen dancing alongside Rudiger, with the Chelsea locker room playing spectators. 

It’s unclear what routine he was going for, as he shifted from side to side while thrusting his hips. 

And evidently, fans weren’t the only ones confused, as onlooker Hakim Ziyech offered the Belgian a look of disapproval. 

The raised eyebrows tell the whole story and considering the reaction to the clip, he wasn’t alone in being perplexed. 

The pair are known to be good friends off the pitch, and we have a feeling the Moroccan isn’t going to let his bud forget about this one.