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Serge Gnabry and Jesse Lingard show we all have more in common than imagined

Serge Gnabry and Jesse Lingard show we all have more in common than imagined

The international break gave many players the chance to rest and recover before kicking back into top gear for the end of the season. 

Many players jetted off to various international destinations, which often leads to a meetup with a fellow footballer. 

The latest linkup to add to the list involves Bayern Munich forward Serge Gnabry and Manchester United player Jesse Lingard.

Images of the pair meeting each other have emerged online, and the linkup has supposedly occurred in Milan. 

Though the link-up surprised many, the two actually have quite a bit in common, including their playing styles. 

Gnabry, often deployed as a right-winger, is known for blistering runs and wonderful displays of skill. While game time have been scarce this season for Lingard, at his best the 29-year-old can put on a skill show, one that could rival Gnabry’s.

Aside from this, the two are also known for their signature celebrations. 

While Lingard switches it up sometimes, his trademark is almost certainly the ‘Jlingz’ celebration, as he displays his initials by throwing up hand gestures. Gnabry, on the other hand, is known for the ‘cooking up’, which he borrowed from NBA star James Harden. 

So when their paths happened to crossover, they simply had to whip up something together. And as seen in the image, Gnabry sports the ‘Jlingz’ and Lingard stirs the pot. 

Naturally, the image got United fans talking, and many ambitiously speculated or rather wished for the German international to join Lingard at Manchester United.