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Bayern Munich head coach Julian Nagelsmann has gone full vegan

Bayern Munich head coach Julian Nagelsmann has gone full vegan

As a result of extensive research and advancements in technology, trends are constantly evolving. This doesn’t necessarily relate only to the technological world, as recent years have provided new perspectives which directly correlate to our very diets. 

Veganism, the all-plant based diet which was often considered bizarre or outlandish, is now the cultural zeitgeist and many people are turning towards it. 

The wave has transferred over to the football world as well, and many star players have opted to go vegan, including the likes of Chris Smalling, Hector Bellerin etc.

Joining them is Bayern Munich manager Julian Nagelsmann, and the German talked about the transition during his press conference before Bayern’s game against SC Freiburg. 

As he revealed via the conference, Nagelsmann has now been vegan for a month, clearly putting the international break to good use. 

The 34-year-old’s fondness for meat is no secret, his coaching staff even nicknamed him ‘Hacki’ and the German often cooked meatloaves. 

At the conference, he joked that losing the nickname “makes him a little wistful”. 

As for the motivations, the Bayern gaffer stated that the issue of animal welfare coupled with environmental protection persuaded him to make the switch. 

He also said, “I think we have to be more conscious about our decisions. I have had enough meat in my mouth already”. No pun intended, of course. 

It’ll be interesting to see if any of his fellow players join their manager in making such a switch, after all, a manager’s influence over his players cannot be understated.