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See Julian Nagelsmann Rock Everyday Lumberjack Look For Game Against USA

See Julian Nagelsmann Rock Everyday Lumberjack Look For Game Against USA

Julian Nagelsmann took charge of his first match as the Germany national team manager in their recent win over USA. On a historic day for the 36-year-old, who is the second-youngest manager for Die Mannschaft, he also got a lot of fans talking about his unique attire.

Nagelsmann has had a really eventful managerial career despite his young age. From thriving at RB Leipzig to winning the Bundesliga title with Bayern Munich, the German manager has been praised for his attacking style. He has also gained a reputation for his unique sense of style and the kind of bizarre outfits he wears.

The German manager loves to dress up for the occasion and is not your stereotypical coach. He is not one to wear either a club (or national team) tracksuit or just a black and white suit. Nagelsmann is trying his best to change this perception of what a football manager should wear.

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As a result, the 36-year-old often likes to change up his attire for different matches. He often resorts to semi-formal attires too, wearing the kind of stuff that a rich supporter might wear to a match. Nagelsmann also decided to keep it rather simple in his first official match as the Germany football team manager.

In fact, he decided to wear something that is fitting for the conditions and weather. With the game played at Connecticut, where fall has now set in, he donned an interesting attire. Instead of a suit, Nagelsmann just wore a simple black t-shirt along with a faded blue and white open lumberjack shirt. The shirt has a slick blue and white stripe design, not being anything over-the-top at all.

Nagelsmann confused a lot of American reporters covering the game with his choice of wear. But when he was asked about why he  had opted to wear this kind of an attire for his first official game as Germany manager, the 36-year-old bluntly replied: “I liked it too, that’s why I wore it, thank you.”

Germany forward Nicolas Fullkrug stated that he would ‘certainly not judge the national coach by his clothing’. Thomas Muller admitted that he had a similar kind of flannel shirt in his closet too.  AN interesting thing about Nagelsmann’s wear was that his shirt was actually way less expensive than what a full suit from a reputed design would probably cost you.

Indeed, the price of such a shirt can vary from around $30 to $40 in online merchant stores. Of course, buying such attire from a luxury fashion chain like Balenciaga could also cost a lot more. It’s likely that Nagelsmann had worn a shirt from a reputed designer, even if not something like Balenciaga.

The German manager seems very unfazed by what people have to say about his fashion sense. He loves experimenting with his attires worn during matches and seems obsessed with picking comfort over something that gives him a ‘bossy’ look.