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Is ‘Notts Forest’ a Thing? Jesse Lingard Causes Fury on First Day at New Club

Is ‘Notts Forest’ a Thing? Jesse Lingard Causes Fury on First Day at New Club

What is the one thing that you do when you join a new football club? Learn about their heritage, get the fans on onboard, and settle into the role that your new gaffer wants you to adapt. But Nottingham’s Forest fresh signing, Jesse Lingard has discarded these basics, making a fool out of himself and angering the loyal Forest fans.

The 29-year-old forward who has signed a new deal with Forest for one year after his departure from Manchester United recently posted a Snapchat video while on a journey with his new teammates. In this video, Jesse was seen talking about the scarves on the surrounding players, but a blasphemous statement made matters worse.

He called Nottingham Forest, ‘Notts Forest’ and moved on with his rant, completely ignorant of what he has done. 

‘Notts’ refers to the county of Nottinghamshire and not the city of Nottingham. For someone who refers to the county, it directly means that he is referring to Forest’s arch-rivals, Notts County. 

After the uncertainty surrounding his exorbitant salary at Forest and the financial repercussions that the club might have to face by getting him on board, this statement has left the fans even more livid with the Englishman.

For some, Jesse was just here for the money, while some called it a sin and wanted him to go back to the place he came from. An apology was also expected out of Jesse for his ignorance.  

It’s clear that Jesse will have to re-educate himself and not repeat the same mistake. But as far as the matter goes for getting the Forest fans back on his side, he surely needs to score some bangers to get them rolling in the Premier League. Otherwise, Forest will be out of money and Jesse will be out of a job next season.