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Explaining the Outrage Over Harry Kane and Co Posing with US Celebrity Dave Portnoy

Explaining the Outrage Over Harry Kane and Co Posing with US Celebrity Dave Portnoy

Tottenham Hotspur are currently preparing for an important season under Antonio Conte. They underwent some brutal training sessions on their tour of South Korea, so much so that players passed out during an open training session because of how exhausting the drills were.

After winning and drawing one game apiece in their Asian tour, Spurs are back in London. They’ll now partake in a few more pre-season friendlies before the Premier League season starts against Southampton on August 6.

With players still in pre-season, they’re being allowed to hang out in public and enjoy some personal time by the gaffer. Some teammates are hanging out with each other to improve their bond outside the pitch.

Recently, Tottenham captain Harry Kane and his colleagues Eric Dier and Matt Doherty met American businessman Dave Portnoy – the founder of popular American sports website Barstool Sports.

What they’re probably unaware of is the very dark past of Portnoy. The 45-year-old American celebrity has a massive social media fandom and his own virtual persona of ‘El Presidente’ – a blunt character developed for Barstool Sports.

Last year, Portnoy was involved in some shocking controversy. Three young women confessed to Business Insider that the 45-year-old had left them traumatized after some sexual encounters with them.

The details can get pretty gruesome. All three women were lower than half his age and college students enticed by Portnoy to get intimate with him in his house.

One woman confessed that he left them scarred and traumatized after the incident, in which he choked her roughly and dealt a great deal of pain to her against her wishes.

The other women have also voiced similar nightmarish experiences, involving rough sexual trauma, humiliating them as well as having little disregard for them. Not just that, but after such encounters, Portnoy would end all his relations with them and ask them to leave.

Dave even responded to the allegations against him by posting a video on Twitter. He insisted that all the sexual encounters were consensual and he did nothing offensive to them. Portnoy even stated that ‘cancel culture’ wants to take him down and ruin his life.

Kane is the captain at both club and international level, and moreover, an inspiring family man who should lead by example. Though, there’s a good chance that neither he nor his teammates were probably aware of the dark past associated with Portnoy’s actions because they wouldn’t have greeted or taken a picture with him otherwise.