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Aston Villa Fan Finds Ridiculous Castore Error in 22/23 Home Kit

Aston Villa Fan Finds Ridiculous Castore Error in 22/23 Home Kit

Despite foraying into the football scene just 2 years ago, British Sportswear brand Castore has managed to gather quite the collection of clients. 

They started off big by signing up Scottish heavyweights Rangers on a multi-year deal, and have since followed it up with other big names. Their rapid rise comes without the production capabilities of industry leaders such as Adidas and Nike, making it all the more impressive. 

However, cracks are beginning to appear and it looks like Castore may have bit more than they can chew. 

While the brand has mostly been able to meet the demand of all the top clubs it sponsors, the quality and precision of products have been all over the place. Complaints about oddities on kits produced by them are no rare sight, and one such blunder popped up yesterday. 

As seen in this image, an Aston Villa supporter took to Twitter and complained about the Castore tag on the new 22/23 home kit, which obviously isn’t supposed to be upside down. Considering fans pay hefty sums to acquire authentic kits when cheaper replicas are always available, providing them with a proper product should be a high priority. 

This certainly isn’t a one-off case, as other such botches have also surfaced online. 

Castore’s stock has been on a consistent rise, and with new sponsorships, every year, upgrading its production capabilities should be a priority. Hopefully, it comes sooner rather than later, as fans look to be losing their patience with the brand.