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First Look: The Brand New Skill Move That’s Coming to FIFA 23

First Look: The Brand New Skill Move That’s Coming to FIFA 23

EA Sports’ highly awaited title, FIFA 23, recently had its official unveiling. 

Following tradition, the game was revealed through a flashy trailer, showing off irrelevant cinematic gameplay, and buzzwords that mean nothing. Pretty standard. 

This year’s term, created with intention of wowing players, is simply ‘Hypermotion 2.0’, which gives the game ‘more animations than ever, you can imagine the excitement that drew.

Nevertheless, the trailer did feature certain nifty reveals, such as the World Cup mode officially returning when it’s time for the showcase in Qatar. Aside from that, player scans look sharper than ever, and so do the overall visuals. 

Fans also got a brief look at the refined free-kick mechanics, now featuring an xg counter because why not? Other trickles of information included a first look at a brand new celebration, namely Christian Pulisic’s ‘Eye of The Tiger’. 

With very little actual gameplay to look over, fans were left disappointed, and the trailer has since caught flak online. 

The only new detail that generated any hype looked to be a silky new skill, executed by digital Joao Felix.

Skill moves in the game vary in potency, as the most complicated manoeuvres don’t ensure effectiveness.

Players often resort to simple ball rolls or roulettes which effortlessly get past lunging tackles, dummies and elasticos are thrown in for extra style points. 

Similarly, this brand new move may become a favourite, as it essentially combines a roll with some misdirection. The skill itself is a backheel tap onto the weak foot, which smoothly flows into a roll. Timed in tandem with a lunge from the opposite, the result will certainly be positive. 

There are still months to go until the game’s release and we’re slowly starting to learn more and more, but it seems likely that players can expect this move to be spammed during online games.