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Everything we know about the upcoming Neymar x Puma x Batman collab

Everything we know about the upcoming Neymar x Puma x Batman collab

Brazilian icon Neymar Jr’s collaboration with the new Batman and the eminent sports brand PUMA, has taken the internet by storm.  

DC dropped the trailer to the much-awaited upcoming Batman flick on the 16th of October which left the fans with goosebumps, to say the least.

Following the trailer reveal, fans were treated to a cryptic video message released at the DC FanDome featuring the PSG winger. The message went:

“Hey DC fans. I’m really excited for the new Batman movie. I’ve always been a big fan and happy to be a part of this event, thank you for everything. Very excited. I hope the Batman legacy will be long and that there will be much more coming.”

Before the footage ends, the 29-year-old unveils his new accord with the Batman franchise and PUMA with the words “Ciao PUMA, Batman, we are together”.

Neymar has been a huge fan of the Bat Vigilante since his childhood days. The Brazilian ace was recently spotted carrying a snazzy new hairdo, trimmed in the form of the renowned Bat Logo which was a tell-tale of his admiration for the superhero.

Neymar Batman logo design on head

The deal was also advertised on the player’s official website which read “Well, the partnership for new products is real, but we can only reveal details in the future. No spoilers!”, putting all doubts to bed.

Both the football fraternity and the DC fandom are desperately waiting to get their hands on these brand-new lines of stylish products featuring this rad crossover.