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Neymar dons new Batman-themed boots from Puma, and they look hard AF

Neymar dons new Batman-themed boots from Puma, and they look hard AF

Bat fever continues to take over football as the release of ‘The Batman’ inches closer. 

We’ve already seen Neymar at the film’s premiere and even a Batman tattoo on Kai Havertz. The latest Bat-themed offering comes in the form of some truly glorious looking football boots. 

Designed by German Sportswear brand, Puma, along with the blessing of DC Comics, the shoes are an alternate, customized version of the ‘Puma Future Z’.

The colours, tones and textures draw heavily from Matt Reeves’ upcoming iteration of the Caped Crusader. The primary colour palette at play is similar to the red and black hues as seen in the trailers for the film. 

Black looks to be the base colour and emblazoned on the front of the boot, is the Puma logo in a glossy red shade.

At the back, also in red, appears the iconic Batman logo, similar in design to the one used in the upcoming movie. 

Additionally, there appears to be black textures running across the boot at random spots, these add a sense of grit, which fall in line with the overarching themes of the comic books. 

The laces are also stylized, featuring an edgy blend of black and red. The extension piece at the end of the laces is the Batman logo, on black fabric. The design is rounded off using a similar glossy red, plastered throughout the bottom of the shoe. 

Naturally, Bat-Geek Neymar was the first to take the boots to the pitch when PSG beat Saint-Etienne on Sunday. And it’s a safe bet to assume he might use them for future fixtures as well.