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Kai Havertz Embarrasses Chelsea Teammate Mason Mount For His Long Head

Kai Havertz Embarrasses Chelsea Teammate Mason Mount For His Long Head

Late last season, early looks at Mason Mount’s foray into fashion emerged online, as the Chelsea star was seen in a brand new avatar.  Months later, the cat’s officially out of the bag, and the 23-year-old stars on the cover of Sports World Magazine’s autumn edition. 

For the photoshoot, Mount headed back to his hometown of Portsmouth, while sporting an array of various outfits, all of which feature in the edition. 

Among those, a look which leaked online saw the midfielder wearing a black leather jacket paired with a white vest and even a gold chain for the company. The images also featured a glossy black Mustang to really sell the vibes. 

Unfortunately, those initial leaks did everything but. 

Numerous fans online were vocal with their doubts, and perhaps the harshest critic ended up being a fellow teammate. 

An exchange at Cobham recorded by the cameras displayed Kai Havertz’s disapproval, as the German called the photos ’embarrassing. And upon the official release, Havertz was back on Mount’s case again, and this time he set his sights on the cover itself. 

The magazine’s release was announced alongside a look at the cover, and naturally, the images were posted by Mount on his Instagram. It didn’t take long for Havertz to pop up and leave Mount in the mud once again. 

As the cover is simply a close-up of the midfielder sporting a stylish Valentino shirt, Havertz opted to offer a rather uncomplicated assessment of Mount’s face. The German commented ‘What a long head’, the dig may seem elementary at first but it probably stung at least a little. 

It’s quite obvious that this is just a bit of banter between two mates.  However, it does seem as if Havertz is still reeling from the brutal trolls that followed his Batman Tattoo reveal