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Who is Mason Mount’s Mysterious Stalker? Everything We Know About The Obsessed Fan

Who is Mason Mount’s Mysterious Stalker? Everything We Know About The Obsessed Fan

Football’s insane popularity across the globe is no secret, as it sits firmly as the most-watched sport in the world. Appraised as a religion in some countries, the sport carries incredible importance for millions of fans. And naturally, those playing it at the highest level tend to earn quite a bit of popularity as well. 

Footballers are viewed as idols, heroes, and role models, and fans often get a tad obsessed. A glance at the factions of Messi and Ronaldo fans on Twitter is enough of an example, such fan accounts have become the norm now. 

However, rabid fandom often translates to some truly stalker-like antics, and users online suspect that Chelsea star Mason Mount may just have one. 

The fan under suspicion goes by @masonmountlover on Twitter and Instagram, and as the name suggests she only has eyes for the England international. 

Hailing from Holland, the antics that brought her under the inspection lens include tattoos on each forearm, one depicting Mount’s birthdate, while the other is simply his name and number. The body ink oddities don’t end there, as the fan borrowed Mount’s UCL tattoo and even the placement is exactly the same. 

She has also visited areas where the 23-year-old has gotten photographed, and recreated them entirely, even down to the pose. 

Her stan account is filled with Mount-related content, though it looks like the newfound attention and suspicion led to her deleting all her accounts, evidently, the reaction was quite hefty.

Stalker was perhaps too harsh a term to apply here since different individuals have different methods of expressing their adoration.  Unfortunately, that’s the term users online went for, and it clearly had a negative impact on the fan.