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EA Sports Tout Argentina To Win Qatar World Cup Based On Simmed FIFA 23 Games

EA Sports Tout Argentina To Win Qatar World Cup Based On Simmed FIFA 23 Games

In news that might be of major interest to disciples of the Lionel Messi school of football, EA Sports, the creator of FIFA video games, has released the result of a simulated FIFA World Cup on the FIFA 23 video game.

In the simulation, Argentina has emerged as World Champion. 

While you may not offer much worth to a simulated result, it’s probably worth taking into consideration that EA Sports has conducted similar simulations for the previous 3 FIFA World Cups, and they’ve been right every time. 

Per the official images released by the video game developer, Argentina played Brazil in the finals and secured a final score of one – nil.

Notably, the teams in the Round of 16 of the tournament were the Netherlands, England, Denmark, the USA, France, Poland, Portugal, Switzerland, Croatia, Spain, Brazil, South Korea, Germany, and Belgium. 

Followers of Cristiano Ronaldo will be disheartened to learn that Portugal first lost to Brazil in the semi-finals and then to France in the match for the 3rd place, securing an unremarkable 4th position. 

The simulation also compiled player statistics in which Lionel Messi secured the position of top scorer in the tournament, with 8 goals in 7 matches, followed by Depay and Mbappe, with 6 goals each. Ronaldo only managed to score a total of 3 goals in the simulations. 

Regardless of whether the simulations can be taken as a precursor to the actual World Cup 2022/23, the results are certainly interesting.

With there being talks of this year’s World Cup being the final FIFA World Cup for Messi and Ronaldo, fans all over the world are aching to see the legends that have entertained an entire generation of footballers, win a trophy at this level of international football, with their respective countries.