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From Messi to Havertz: Florian Wirtz Reveals 4 Unconventional Role Models

From Messi to Havertz: Florian Wirtz Reveals 4 Unconventional Role Models

When it comes to exceptional talents in world football, very few can match the level of Florian Wirtz. His head coach at Bayer Leverkusen, Xabi Alonso, even drew comparisons between him and Lionel Messi. That’s a hell of a compliment, that too coming from someone of Xabi Alonso’s stature.  

It’s natural for players to have role models, and the German International has his favorites too. However, fans are a little bemused by his choices, except one.  

Florian Wirtz’s best of four 

When he was asked about his role models, nobody expected that there would be so many surprises. He didn’t have one but four names to mention. The first one is none other than the one he is drawn comparison with.  

That is Leo Messi, which happens to be the most obvious and least surprising. Everyone is inspired by the GOAT, and Florian Wirtz’s diminutive stature and dribbling attributes make his choice a pragmatic one.  

His other three choices are Kai Havertz, Ousmane Dembele, and Joao Felix. A little weird, isn’t it? 

Surprisingly all four players have one thing in common, and that is all of them are left-footed. What’s surprising about this piece of fact is that there are no right-footed players in the list, whereas Wirtz is himself right-footed.  

Baring Dembele, there is one more factor that binds the German with his role models, and that is their playing position. Messi, Felix, Havertz, and Wirtz are number 10s, their respective team’s primary playmaker, playing behind the striker.  

What is bemusing is how Felix, Havertz, and Dembele made the list, as they are far from their true potential, while fans might argue that he is himself better than his role models (excluding Messi).  

When did Florian Wirtz say these words?  

The context might change when we tell you when the Leverkusen man actually says these words. This is not a recent comment but goes back to 2020.  

Back then, Messi was Messi. 

Joao Felix was seen as an exceptional talent for which Atletico Madrid cashed 120 million to make him their record signing. He was also seen as Griezmann’s replacement, as the French playmaker departed for Barcelona.  

Dembele, although still injury-prone back then, was one of the Bundesliga’s brightest talents, the same league Wirtz plays in. Just like Wirtz, Dembele’s dribbling skill was top-notch, his one-on-one was out of the world, and he was playing for Barcelona, Florian’s dream club.  

Lastly, Havertz might be a sentimental choice for Wirtz as both the Germans played for Bayer Leverkusen for a short time before Havertz made his big-money move to Chelsea.

Back then Havertz was one of the most desirable midfielders in the world and naturally Wirtz’s ideal role model. Wirtz also broke Kai Havertz’s record of the youngest player to play for Bayer Leverkusen.  

All his unusual role models are still doing very well. Felix completed his deadline-day move to Barcelona, Dembele signed for PSG, and Havertz signed for Arsenal. Florian will also look to make a big move one day, just like his idols, as many clubs in the Premier League and Spain will keep an eye on the exceptional talent.