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Luka Modric’s Daughter Helps Arda Guler Bounce Back as Lionel Messi’s Son is the Next Ramos

Luka Modric’s Daughter Helps Arda Guler Bounce Back as Lionel Messi’s Son is the Next Ramos

Football fans are quite captivated by two new recent news that are related to, two footballer’s kids, more precisely, two Ballon d’Or winner’s kids. 

One was about Lionel Messi’s son, Mateo Messi, and his recently discovered skill that has reminded everyone of one of La Pulga’s rivals, and the other one is related to Luka Modric’s daughter, and how she’s helping his father’s new teammate, Arda Guler, to recover from his ongoing injury.  

Is Mateo Messi the new Sergio Ramos? 

Mateo Messi is quite the mischief. Unlike his big brother, Thiago, Mateo is a terror and is very competitive, according to his father.  

Sometimes Messi is compelled to play the bad cop and often punishes him to which Mateo replies by saying, “Corner taken quickly, Origi”, a subtle dig reminding his father of the humiliating loss against Liverpool at Anfield. This showcases Mateo’s whimsical anti-Messi rhetoric, so much so that, Arbeloa the former Spanish and Real Madrid once joked and said that Madrid should sign him. 

It seems like we need to take Arbeloa a little seriously as Madrid might have a Sergio Ramos replacement in Mateo Messi, because of his insane tackling skills.  

Recently a video was circulated on Twitter that shows Ciro, Thiago, Mateo, and some other kids, playing football wearing the Inter Miami shirt, possibly after an Inter Miami match.

Rather than dribbling like Messi, Mateo chose violence as he continuously tackled and pushed his little brother Ciro and the other kids, reminding us of Messi’s fiercest rival during the golden days of El Classico and teammate at PSG, Sergio Ramos.  

Arda Guler’s has a new physiotherapist  

The very talented attacking midfielder, Arda Guler was a reason for a tug-of-war between Barcelona and Real Madrid in the summer.  

Madrid won the battle and signed the Turkish International for 20 million Euro, surpassing the initial 17.5 million clause from his former contract with Fenerbahce.  

The 18-year-old, Arda, who is touted as Ozil’s heir, returned home early from Real Madrid’s pre-season tour after suffering an injury. Arda Guler then underwent arthroscopic surgery on his right knee and is currently in the recovery process.  

However, he has a helping hand in Luka Modric’s daughter, Ema Modric.

The Ballon d’Or winner’s daughter was born on 25 April 2013, and although she is still very young, she has one or two ideas about football it seems. 

Ema Is seen wearing a Real Madrid shirt and throwing a football at Arda Guler, while he heads it back while doing crunches, an exercise, done especially for core muscle strength. 

 It looks like a little help from Ema might help him get back to full fitness so that he can show football fans his exceptional talent while playing for one of the biggest clubs in the world.