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From Ronaldo Rap to Facetiming Anthony Elanga: Ishowspeed continues to own football world

From Ronaldo Rap to Facetiming Anthony Elanga: Ishowspeed continues to own football world

Popular YouTuber Ishowspeed continues to earn fame in the football world, be it bizarre clips or hilarious interactions, Speed is creating viral moments at a rapid pace. Boasting a vast fanbase, the American’s streams consistently get a flood of attention, especially those which include footy-related content. 

His sensational ‘SEWY’ has made him a star, and we’re slowly starting to see just how famous Ishowspeed has become. 

The signature celebration even managed to reach Old Trafford, as Ronaldo’s teammate Anthony Elanga gave it a try. The links don’t end there, as the Swede even hopped on an Instagram Live with the YouTuber, a surefire sign of his popularity. 

As for the interaction, well it was bound to be bizarre, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. 

In a clip going viral online, the 17-year-old can be seen barking at the sight of Elanga’s girlfriend, a tendency of his which frequent viewers can attest to. 

Ronaldo rap rakes in the views

His newfound fame can also be measured through his latest musical release, which happens to be a tribute to his idol. 

It is no secret that the 17-year-old is in constant awe of Cristiano Ronaldo, and has already proven to be as stern a fanboy as one can get. His latest number puts to rest all questions regarding his loyalties, as it is literally titled ‘Ronaldo (SEWEY)’.

Centred around the Portuguese Superstar, the song also includes jabs at his historic rival Lionel Messi, alongside the likes of Neymar and Kylian Mbappe. 

Sonically the song emulates a typical YouTuber track from the mid-2010s, featuring a melodic sample and upbeat tone, a combination tailored for maximum appeal. 

While the lyrics can be categorized as dense, they certainly get their point across. 

As the track begins, Speed poses a question – “Who the best footballer in the world, man?”, before proceeding to answer it in his signature aggressive style. 

He proves his Fandom through lyrics which refuse to accept the existence of competitors –

“Neymar, like who is that?” “Messi, like who is that?”.

“Who the f*** is Mbappe?, Who is the f*** is ‘Dowski? (Lewandowski)?” 

Things then take a personal turn, as he essentially delivers a monologue, directed straight at Messi, 

“Where is Messi? Where you at bro? We the same height Yo, matter of fact, you shorter than me You 5’7 and you 35 You a**! Thirty-five year─ man, dawg”.

If the insults weren’t convincing enough, the YouTuber directs your attention to hattricks and ‘Diors’ (Ballon d’Or), the latter of which Messi actually has more of. Nevertheless, if the listener didn’t know any better, Speed’s confidence may just persuade them. 

The track was an instant hit and has garnered over 9 million views in just over 2 weeks. With numbers like these, labelling Speed a star is obvious, what remains to be seen is just how far the YouTuber can go.  Needless to say, Ishowspeed has officially arrived.