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Who is ishowspeed? The YouTube streamer refashioning Cristiano Ronaldo ‘Siu’

Who is ishowspeed? The YouTube streamer refashioning Cristiano Ronaldo ‘Siu’

It’s a rare occurrence when the influence of a YouTuber transfers on over to the football world, but such is the story of ishowspeed.

Darren Watkins, known as ‘ishowspeed’ online, is a popular YouTube star, who initially received attention for his streams on the platform. The American became known for his manic reactions, energetic persona, and eccentric behaviour. 

However, he was propelled to superstardom after he uttered 3 fateful words, in response to a fan question. “Crista Ronaldo, Sewi”.

His vocal inflexions and spin on Ronaldo’s “siuuuu” became a sensation, and soon, ‘ishowspeed’ became well-known in the football community.

Building upon the overwhelming response to the viral clip, the YouTuber doubled down on the football affiliations and became a bonafide Cristiano Ronaldo fanboy. 

While he certainly isn’t an aficionado of the beautiful game, ishowspeed is in constant awe of the Manchester United striker.

In fact, his appreciation is reserved for Ronaldo and Ronaldo alone, as he has deemed other legends to be ‘average’ or simply not as good.

Most notably, he looked largely unimpressed when watching highlights of Messi and Ronaldinho on stream, proving that the moniker of ‘CR7’ is where his loyalties lie. 

Nevertheless, the height of his popularity stems from “Sewiiii”, his almost adolescent take on the “Siuuu”. And evidently, it has caught on, as even Ronaldo’s teammates are using it. 

This was revealed when another Ronaldo fanboy, Alejandro Garnacho, lauded Portugal international via an Instagram post and used his classic expression.

In the comments appeared his United teammate, Anthony Elanga, who responded with “Sewiiii”. 

The ‘ishowspeed’ influence is real folks. 

Just imagine the Internet meltdown that would occur if Ronaldo himself took the “Sewiiii” out for a spin.