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Alejandro Garnacho doubles down on Cristiano Ronaldo comment that got Sergio Aguero upset

Alejandro Garnacho doubles down on Cristiano Ronaldo comment that got Sergio Aguero upset

Manchester United earned a crucial 3 points at home against Norwich City and managed to keep themselves in the top 4.

They did so on the back of a vintage Ronaldo performance, which essentially made all the difference. The Portugal international got on the scoresheet thrice, a hattrick which included an excellent header, and a powerfully struck freekick. The game ended 3-2, and Ronaldo received another match ball to add to his expansive collection. 

Instead, in a classy gesture, Ronaldo handed over the ball to United youngster Alejandro Garnacho, who featured in the Reds squad for the first time. 

After the game, the youngster took to his Instagram to show his appreciation for the Legendary striker. The caption said “Greatest of all times @Cristiano” 

While United fans certainly would’ve loved the post, his fellow national compatriots were less than pleased. 

His comment section was soon flooded by Argentinians, who expressed their dissatisfaction with his opinion. Known for being passionate fans, the Argentines carry no doubt as to who the greatest of all the time is.

And they spoke their mind in droves. 

Tons of comments saying ‘Messi‘ filled up the reply section. 

The most notable of which came from Messi’s best bud, Sergio Aguero. The former Manchester City man commented, “Because you still didn’t play with the best @leomessi.”

Garnacho further risked his compatriot’s wrath as he later pushed Aguero’s comment down and pinned Cristiano Ronaldo’s reply to his post.

Interestingly, despite being an Argentine, it does appear that Ronaldo is the 17-year-old’s idol. He even brought CR7’s iconic ‘siuu’ celebration after scoring against Everton for the Under-18s.

Considering he recently received a call up to the national team, the youngster might get a chance to play alongside Messi. And perhaps deliver a much more thorough assessment.