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Twitter FBI solves mystery of white toenail girl with Karim Benzema

Twitter FBI solves mystery of white toenail girl with Karim Benzema

After blazing through Europe and leading Real Madrid to UCL glory, Karim Benzema has decided to kick back and relax during the pre-season. Going by his social feed, the Frenchman has hit up multiple vacation spots, following the conclusion of International duties. 

Fans await the release of his ultimate pre-season drip video, which will undoubtedly be laden with designer wear, exotic cars and a swagger only Big ‘Benz’ carries.

Until then, fans deprived of footy action are forced to make do with little bits, and naturally, they’ve made the most of them.

Football Twitter encompasses a special multi-faceted group, who can do it all, from flight tracking to even playing detective when required. And when Benzema’s latest post popped up on their Twitter feed, they whipped out the inspection lens and hatched up a story out of nowhere.

Benzema shared a picture aboard a private jet, arms folded, eyes closed, the Frenchman had clearly drifted off to sleep. A perfectly fine image on first glance was soon deleted, but it was too late, as fans soon found out why that was the case.

Through extensive analysis or zooming in on a whim, users online pointed out the presence of a white-painted toenail on the striker’s lap, which they naturally assumed to belong to his partner. 

Considering all they had to go on was a toe, this would’ve normally been a closed case, but when Footy fans are involved, nothing is simple.

‘Twitter FBI’ was already on it, scouring through profiles online to find a match, and eventually, they struck gold. The search was narrowed down to Jordan Ozuna, an American model with a massive following on Instagram.

They arrived at the conclusion through, quite literally, a toenail match, as a picture posted by the 32-year-old was used for reference. 

Ozuna is currently making a name for herself in the modelling world and works with agencies such as State Management, Caroline Gleason Management, Tricia Brink Management and The Salt Agency. 

Other pictures clicked by the paparazzi appear to have confirmed the links, despite Benzema’s best efforts, the relationship is out in the open.