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Get to Know Alphonso Davies’ Mystery New Girlfriend Sheyenne Jen

Get to Know Alphonso Davies’ Mystery New Girlfriend Sheyenne Jen

Bayern Munich defender Alphonso Davies could be in for a really eventful summer transfer window. The Canadian superstar had a memorable outing at the Santiago Bernabeu in the Champions League semi-final clash against Real Madrid, scoring an amazing goal.

Even though it ultimately failed to guide the Bavarians to the final, Davies definitely earned more popularity after the goal.

He’s also being strongly linked to a summer move to Real Madrid, with his contract at Bayern expiring in 2025. For now, however, the Canada star is focused on enjoying his time off from the beautiful game by spending time with his loved ones.

Amidst his ‘vacation period’, Davies has also been able to give a better look at his current girlfriend.

Alphonso was, of course, in a popular relationship with PSG star Jordyn Huitema for a while before the two separated in 2022. Since that, Huitema has been dating the Major League Baseball side Seattle Mariners’ Julio Rodriguez.

Well, Davies has also moved on and is currently in a relationship with Canadian content creator cum influencer Sheyenne Jen.

In fact, the two have been together for a good part of a year now. Davies was also seen suited up in celebrations of Jen’s 23rd birthday party last year.

Sheyenne is actually an aspiring singer who is still trying to find a breakthrough in that line. She has been featured in a few songs, which includes her own single ‘Honesty’. This pop song has over 17,000 views on YouTube, which features the singer herself in the music video.

She has also been able to feature in a song from rapper Stugang called ‘Lose Control’ – where she drops her vocal for a part of the song.

Staging has actually also collaborated with Davies for his hit song ‘Nur Well’, which has over 350,000 views on YouTube. Apart from her work on YouTube, Sheyenne is also pretty popular on TikTok and Instagram.

She has over 5,000 followers on her Instagram account, where she mostly posts pictures of her travelling. However, Jen is actually pretty popular on TikTok because of her musical skills.

She has over 39,000 followers on her TikTok and over 850,000 likes on her clips. She mostly posts clips of her enjoying matches in which Davies is featured in, partying with her friends and some entertaining daily activities.

Her most popular TikTok video is one from her supporting Canada in the 2022 FIFA World Cup and it appears that it was during that period that Sheyenne and Davies’ romance started blooming.

Apart from her singing career, Sheyenne also claims to be studying an interior architecture course – hinting that she might be looking at a future as an interior designer.

Jen appears to be really happy with Davies, and they like to keep their love life quite private and aren’t really seen together that often in the public.

However, some fans are criticizing Davies for ‘downgrading’ for going from dating Huitema to now being in a relationship with Jen.

That is because Alphonso is widely regarded as the one who caused the breakup with the Canadian women’s footballer. In fact, Huitema even hinted in a social media post last year that the Bayern Munich star cheated on her – causing them to end their relationship.

Regardless of what the public thinks, Davies seems to be totally content with his relationship with Sheyenne. The two have been a steady couple for quite a while now and seem to be enjoying keeping a low-profile relationship and staying off the public eye for most of the season.