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2 signs Alphonso Davies and Jordyn Huitema might have broken up

2 signs Alphonso Davies and Jordyn Huitema might have broken up

In the football world, there exist very limited examples of a ‘power couple’. 

The term essentially means a relationship involving 2 superstars from similar fields, both carrying incredible influence, and well, setting ‘relationship goals’. 

Bayern Munich fullback Alphonso Davies and PSG Feminine star Jordyn Huitema have emerged as a popular example of a power couple in recent years. 

They began dating when Davies busted out the boldest of pick up lines, “Yo, just wondering if you want to be Alphonso Davies’ girlfriend?” 

And the two have been together since. 

However, if internet chatter is to be believed, there appears to be trouble in paradise.

Ominous signs have been noticed by eagle-eyed fans, which suggest that the pair may have parted ways. 

In the social media generation, a telltale sign of a spat is some strange social media activity. 

On both their accounts, there appear to be no more pictures of the two, meaning they either deleted or archived them. 

Additionally, the YouTube channel they created together, ‘J & A’, has also been deleted. 

Through the irregular online activity, it seems as if the two are essentially erasing traces of their relationship.

These discoveries came as a surprise to fans online, and many were saddened by the possibility of a break-up. 

Davies and Huitema became football’s favourite couple due to their infectious chemistry, and the lovely story of how it all began. We certainly hope that the rumours are incorrect and that the pair are still going strong. 

Update – It seems the rumours were true as Alphonso Davies took to Twitter to announce that he indeed has broken up with Jordyn Huitema.