Jordyn Huitema Introduces New Boyfriend After Breaking Up With Alphonso Davies

Back in May of this year, we sadly became the bearers of bad news, as we pointed out a few telltale signs which suggested that Bayern Munich fullback Alphonso Davies and former PSG Feminine star Jordyn Huitema had parted ways.

Days later, the findings turned out to be true, and football’s favourite couple officially announced their breakup.

The duo carried incredible chemistry, due to which they were adored by fans. Naturally, after the news popped up online, Football Twitter was left pretty disappointed.

Nevertheless, it’s been months since the split, and the dust has firmly settled on their relationship. And by the looks of it, Huitema has officially moved on.

The news arrived courtesy of an Instagram post from the 21-year-old herself, which contained pictures alongside her new partner. Smiling alongside Huitema while sporting the scarf of her current team (OL Reign) is Baseball player Julio Rodriguez.

Hailing from the Dominican Republic, the 21-year-old plays for MLS side Seattle Mariners. He made his MLB debut this year and has gone on to impress fans and analysts alike.

He also put pen to paper on a lucrative 14-year deal with the Mariners, which could potentially earn him up to $400m.

The caption underneath the post read, ‘Seattle has been good this year’.

The couple likely finds it uncomplicated to spend time together, especially since both of them are currently working in Emerald City.

Despite holding no reservations against Rodriguez, fans online were largely unconvinced by the duo.

The sentiment comes entirely out of their love for ‘Phonsy’, and fans wasted no time in expressing the notion.

Davies currently remains single, at least in the public eye, and considering that the break-up was mutual, the brand-new pairing is unlikely to bother him.