(Video) The moment Alphonso Davies recorded a speed of 35.4 km/h in the match against Fortuna Dusseldorf

At the tender age of 19, Canadian international Alphonso Davies has already earned a starting place in the Bayern Munich line-up.

Playing predominantly as a left back, Davies has also shown the skill and aptitude to play as both a centre back and a winger when the situation calls for it.

He has been widely praised by pundits as already being a world class player, and this short clip from Bayern’s match against Fortuna Dusseldorf makes quite the case for him.

The video shows a sequence of play wherein Dusseldorf looked to launch a quick counter attack from their own half.

However, with Davies maintaining high defensive awareness, he immediately singled out the attacker chasing after the ball and promptly ran him down with ease.

With a significant amount of ground between himself and the opposition player, Davies had to resort to a burst of pace to catch up to him.

It later emerged that he sped up to nearly 35.4 km/h to achieve this feat, which is pretty amazing considering the circumstances.

This wasn’t even the first instance of Davies’ scorching pace on display.

Before today’s match, he recorded a speed of 35.3 km/h while defending against Dortmund wunderkind Erling Haaland.

No wonder then that teammate Thomas Mueller calls him Bayern’s roadrunner.

With Davies still a teenager, there is almost no doubt that he can grow much farther beyond his limits.

And after being tied down to Bayern till 2025, fans will most certainly be excited to see his evolution as a player while with the Bavarians.