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Adidas Boosts Japan World Cup Kit Range With Two Amazing Anthem Jackets

Adidas Boosts Japan World Cup Kit Range With Two Amazing Anthem Jackets

German Sportswear brand Adidas has already won the World Cup kit battle by the looks of it, and every new release only goes on to bolster that claim. 

The brand has crafted some incredible threads so far, showcasing plenty of creativity, and a wide range in terms of the colour palette. 

But while most of their creations are absolute class, their work on Japan’s kits is simply next level.

The Samurai Blues will head to Qatar sporting perhaps the best home/away kit combo of the tournament, with both kits taking inspiration from Japanese heritage and history.

Their primary threads borrow from the National Federation’s badge and depict a stunning origami-themed graphic enveloping the front. 

Blue dominates the front, while the origami cranes come in white colour.

There appear to be diagonal stripes strewn about across the front, which add another layer to the aesthetic without drawing away from the graphic. 

The cranes have been designed with a rather faded effect and gel perfectly with the predominant blue. 

The shirt also features red-coloured side panels and white inlets, the signature three stripes go all white as well.

Besides the national crest, you can spot another appearance of the textless Adidas logo in white, which actually adds further flair to the look.

Fans online had already been awe-struck by the look, but Adidas have seemingly outdone it through the release of the away version.

Japan’s away kit effortlessly balances the beam between minimalistic and ornate, by creating a look that will impress casual dressers and fashion mongers alike.

An icy white shade sits front and centre with dark navy accents for company. 

In parallel with its primary counterpart, the highlight of the away kit is undoubtedly the origami graphic, which features on the sleeves in this case.  

While the cranes themselves look similar in shape, the manner they’re presented is vastly different, as Adidas seem to be going for a psychedelic effect here.

The graphic looks to have a dash of red with blue outlines right below, with the result being simply mesmerizing.

By this point, it’s obvious to assume that the away kit takes the cake. But somehow Adidas has managed to eclipse this effort as well, this time through a reversible ‘anthem’ jacket.

The two sides reflect the home and away kit designs, with one coloured entirely in Blue, while the other goes white and also features the origami cranes as seen on the away kit.

Jackets, as detailed as these ones, aren’t a common sight in football, and Adidas certainly deserve all the plaudits heading their way.

Needless to say, Japan’s World Cup collection has likely climbed into the wish list of many fans.