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6 Adidas Kits To Watch Out For At 2023 Women’s World Cup

6 Adidas Kits To Watch Out For At 2023 Women’s World Cup

Adidas made light work of its competitors at the Qatar World Cup by securing a comfortable win in the kits department, and the brand looks right on track to repeat the same feat at the upcoming Women’s World Cup.

The German sportswear brand produced a set of delectable kits, which were displayed in all their glory in Qatar. 

The looks stitched up by Adidas were easily the World Cup’s best, and they were certainly far superior to those produced by Nike and Puma.

Some of the standouts included a flame-infused Argentina away kit, and the gorgeous origami-inspired look crafted for Japan.

Despite having a major win under its belt, Adidas is yearning for more, as exhibited by the gorgeous kit collection the brand just dropped in preparation for the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

For the upcoming tournament, Adidas have stuck with a thematic vision for all the national kits, and dare we say, they’ve outdone themselves. 

The primary inspiration behind all the strips are the distinct geographical features present in each sponsored Nation. 

From mountain ranges to the expansive wilderness, Adidas have managed to perfectly illustrate these natural elements on the blank canvas that is a Football kit.

The stunning kits produced by Adidas for the Women’s World Cup 


Let’s begin with the woodland endeavor that is Germany’s away kit.

Inspired by the nation’s expansive forests, the kit presents multiple shades of green at the forefront, accompanied by an intricate graphic featuring a variety of foliage. 

The logos are colored in gold, and so are the Three Stripes present on the shoulder. 


For Sweden’s away kit, Adidas have borrowed from the icy rivers and glacial formations present all across the country, culminating in a design that is best summed up as ‘cold’.

Blue is the dominant color paired with a glacial graphic, and further accents come in a neon yellow shade. 


Spain’s kit takes its influences from the nation’s picturesque coral reef and the lush aquatic plants that populate it.

A pastel blue shade envelopes the base, as coral plants flourish out of all corners and adorn the design. 
The use of a darker shade of blue is employed for the accents, and the logos are structured vertically.


A South American mountain range compressed into the stylistic confines of a Football kit is perhaps an apt summation of Argentina’s away kit.

While the design itself might look like a haphazard dash of colors, it’s the inspiration behind the look that ties it all together.

Adidas have borrowed from Serrania de Hornocal, a northern mountain range, and Ushuaia, a quaint resort town in the south. For a kit that oozes serenity alongside a sense of ruggedness. 


Arguably the best of the lot, Japan’s away kit is Zen personified. 

Inspired by the gentle pink sunrise that decorates the horizons atop Mount Fuji, the strip seeks to replicate its quiddity. 

A similar pink hue alongside a helping of lilac are present on the base, with the logos colored in black and the Three Stripes in pink.


Lastly, we have Colombia’s eye-catching away kit.

Despite its cosmic appearance, the kit actually borrows from the Cano Cristales river, also known as the ‘River of Five Colors’.

The base features a vivid blend of pink, purple, and crescent blue, alongside a graphic that captures the river’s essence and displays a series of ripples. 

Contrast is provided with the use of the bright yellow for the accents, which is also the color synonymous with Columbian Football.

Adidas have gone 6 for 6 with this collection, and it would take a herculean effort from their competitors to come close to topping it.