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Adidas And Nigo Create Football Kit Inspired By Japanese Sweet Sakura Mochi

Adidas And Nigo Create Football Kit Inspired By Japanese Sweet  Sakura Mochi

You’d be strapped to find a single Adidas World Cup kit worthy of being labeled as ‘poor’ this year.

The German brand has dropped banger after banger for the various nations that sport the Three Stripes, but their collaboration with Japan has been otherworldly.

Dipped in origami flavor, Japan’s home/away kits for Qatar were already absolutely must-haves.

But now they’ve gone even further and produced a design that is as much a fashion piece as it is a football kit.

Launching as a special edition kit, the look has been created in collaboration with BAPE founder and Kenzo creative director Nigo.

The fashion designer is widely known for his urban clothing line A Bathing Ape, which managed to become a staple within pop culture.

Naturally, the kit carries his signature stylistic flair and even bears the iconic heart motif.

The shirt wears its Japanese influences proudly, with its primary inspiration being cherry blossoms.

A pale mauve shade features throughout the base, with a bit of intricate texture work to go along with it. Its accompaniment is fresh green, which stars on the sleeves, and is inspired by Sakura Mochi, a popular local confectionery.

The logos go all-black and pair effortlessly with the radiant base.

Minimalism is the name of the game here once again, as the look remains poppy despite being devoid of elaborate graphics.

Even the Adidas logo keeps a low profile and retains its textless appearance.

When you think BAPE, the mind ventures off to outlandish designs with an inclination towards camo, all of which come together and scream streetwear.

This kit is evidently an aesthetic departure for Nigo, but one he pulls off nevertheless.

None of Japan’s looks were about to go unnoticed in Qatar, but spotting this one in the stands will likely inspire fans to cop their own. As for when can you?

The collection is all set to drop on October 28 and will be available via the Adidas website.