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The Japan national team concept kit that is bringing manga fans to their knees

The Japan national team concept kit that is bringing manga fans to their knees

Concept kits are a thing of beauty, filling up social media spaces with their resplendent images and designs. Although theoretical in nature, these fan-made kits attract so much fascination that they could well give official kits a good run for their money.

That said, Twitter was recently introduced to one extremely beautiful concept kit that has sent manga fans bouncing off the walls.

The kit in discussion belongs to Japan’s national team, featured in its traditional blue colour. The most interesting aspect about the jersey is that it comes entirely embellished with manga collage, an assemblage of different scenes from various Japanese graphic comics both at front and back. All these scenes are tinged in a hue of blue.

A closer look will reveal some prominent mangas, also adopted as anime, including scenes from Astro Boy, Doraemon, One Piece, Dragon Ball Z and so much more.

The team’s logo, featuring the Yatagarasu, a three-legged crow from Japanese mythology, is also placed on the chest. Adjacent to it is the Adidas logo emblazoned in red, alongside a round-necked collar also in red. 

Designed as though manufactured by the German sports manufacturer, the kit is also adorned with its iconic three stripes across the shoulder.

The Samurai Blues have worn some brilliant renditions of their iconic blue jersey over the years, but nothing perhaps will beat this recent manga-inspired one that perfectly encapsulates a piece of their culture as well.

Although released under the Adidas brand, the kit is not officially manufactured by the company. But in case they do take the concept kit for consideration in future, no doubt, it’ll sell like hotcakes.