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Arsenal right-back Takehiro Tomiyasu is the latest footballer to feature in manga

Arsenal right-back Takehiro Tomiyasu is the latest footballer to feature in manga

Footballers, the global icons that they are, have featured in almost all variations of entertainment out there. We’ve seen players star in TV shows, movies, music videos, advertisements etc. 

However, only a few can lay claim to having featured in a manga. 

Arsenal star and Japan international Takehiro Tomiyasu is the latest addition. 

Tomiyasu, Cancelo and Lahm make an appearance in Ao Ashi manga

For the unversed, the term manga refers to graphic novels originating out of Japan that features a distinct art style. 

The comic in question is named ‘AoAshi’ and tells the story of an aspiring young footballer, looking to accomplish his dreams. In this excerpt from the manga, a man looks to be speaking of a potential position for young Ashito Aoi, the titular character. 

The dialogue talks about the freedom of fullbacks and how, in a way, ‘they’re detached from the team’. The page displays illustrations of some truly talented fullbacks, including Manchester City’s Joao Cancelo, the legendary Bavarian Philipp Lahm, and Japan’s very own Tomiyasu. 

The modern-day pair, despite being extremely talented, can’t be likened to Lahm just yet. But it appears that the manga is simply displaying two of the current best, alongside perhaps the very best. 

The current Premier League landscape is truly blessed as far as incredible fullbacks are concerned.  Cancelo, Tomiyasu, Reece James, Trent Alexander-Arnold, are just a few examples, and their profiles will surely usher in the next generation of talented fullbacks.