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How Takehiro Tomiyasu is Using Downtime to Assist Children in Japan

How Takehiro Tomiyasu is Using Downtime to Assist Children in Japan

The pre-season break gives players and others involved in the sport a well-deserved rest after an excruciating and intense season. It is natural for players to take a break from the sport as well during this time.

However, Takehiro Tomiyasu acts differently. The Arsenal defender used this period to give footballing lessons to aspiring young footballers in his hometown at Avisa Fukuoka.

In an interview which is now being shared across social media, Tomiyasu states, “I had a desire to offer something to children and the young generation”.

However, the defender wanted to do so immediately and not after his playing career was over. He says, “I felt that teaching something after I retired would be teaching something a bit outdated.”

The player hopes to keep the youth of today up to date with the latest tactics, philosophies, techniques, etc. He passes on to them whatever he is learning while playing for the Japanese national team and Arsenal.

“I required them to face a big hurdle”, the defender states, “But I think it is up to them to decide whether they can do so in the future, and not just for three days.”

Tomiyasu hopes that even if the training session was only for three short days, it helps them with their future, irrespective of whether they continue to play football or not.

This isn’t the only time he has helped the academy. The young defender helps his former youth academy by donating money, which helps keep the facility up to date with modern standards.

The Japanese centre-back signed for the Gunners in the summer of 2021. Since then he has been essential for their defence, often deploying at either wing-back position too when the squad faced injuries.

His performances have made him a fan-favourite at Arsenal, while even gaining the respect of supporters from other teams. What he does off the field will only add to their respect for the centre-back.

It is good to see young footballers giving back to the community which propelled them towards their stardom. With their influence and fame, they can bring about a much-needed change in society, and help the future of our world.