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England Home And Away Kits For 2022 World Cup Spotted on Sale in Los Angeles

England Home And Away Kits For 2022 World Cup Spotted on Sale in Los Angeles

We’re almost in the final stretch on the road to the World Cup, as it is only a matter of 2 months now. 

The hype around the spectacle continues the build, with fans keeping an eye on any development around the event, and of course, around their teams. 

The international break will swing into action very soon to give fans their pre-World Cup fix.

But for those seeking a bit more, directing your attention towards the kits you’ll see on display in Qatar is certainly worth it. 

So far, we’ve seen Adidas dominate the headlines with their steady string of solid kits, including some highlights in Japan, Argentina and Germany

The vibrant range has left rivals, Nike, in the dust so far, with the American brand seemingly out of answers. 

However, they could still regain some ground in the kit battle, as they’re yet to officially release the kits for two major teams in England and France. 

Both sides have been heavily touted to go all the way in the tournament, which will likely transcend the kits they’ll wear into iconic status. 

With the onus on Nike to deliver, fans are eagerly waiting to see how they’ll fare. 

Fortunately, they don’t have to wait any longer as the kits were unceremoniously leaked after a sports shop in Los Angeles put the kits on sale prematurely. 

Both of England’s kits, alongside Les Blues’ secondary threads, have surfaced online, and there’s plenty to dissect here. 

France away kit

New France away kit

France’s away kit goes for a very distinct look, drawing inspiration from various significant moments in the nation’s storied history. 

These are depicted in the form of a brilliant graphic that stars in the centre, paired alongside a Royal White base.

A gander at the graphic reveals stylized sketches of the Arc De Triomphe, scenes from the French Revolution, references to football, and even cows at various places. 

The logos go all Blue, and the colours of the French flag have been utilized at the bottom left and right for additional flair. 

The unique look certainly isn’t for everyone, although Nike definitely earns full points for their ingenuity. 

England kits

Moving onto the Three Lions, and here’s where the results enter into the lukewarm territory. 

England’s traditional look, especially the home one, doesn’t require much in terms of tweaking, and usually, a refresh is enough to create a successful iteration. 

However, Nike has opted to peer out to the box for their World Cup kit, and we’re not sure what to make of it. 

White returns at the base of it, alongside a black Swoosh and full-coloured crest. 

The main attraction is undoubtedly a gradient which runs on either side of the collar, shifting from dark blue to a lighter blue with faint white stripes. 

Similarly, shaded sleeve cuffs are also included for a more cohesive look.

The ‘space’ vibes are strong with this look, which in itself is rather neat.

However, the gradient’s placement will likely be off-putting to most, and there’s also a case of ‘doing too much to be made for this one. 

In contrast, the away kit is far more straightforward, and users online are already impressed. 

New England away kit for World Cup

Red is the predominant colour, paired alongside navy graphics. 

Light blue is utilized for Swoosh, and also for a monochrome version of the Three Lions badge. 

A sharp traditional collar is situated right above, which is inherently navy, with a sky blue graphic on the edges. 

The kit is confident and rather charming in its approach, the sharp look will likely catch the eye of foreign footy fans as well.