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Leaked Germany Home Kit For 2022 World Cup Screams Ben 10

Leaked Germany Home Kit For 2022 World Cup Screams Ben 10

Germany have been masters of sporting delicious combinations of black and white for their kits throughout the years. Thanks to their three-decade-long partnership with Adidas, the kit concepts have been matched with efficient execution to produce quality home and away shirts with great consistency.  

The DFB home kits have featured a few classic designs that have been worn on memorable occasions in the country’s sporting history. When the nation hosted the World Cup back in 2006, the national side wore a white kit featuring double black shoulder stripes (both on the shoulder and by the collar) and red and yellow curved stripes by the sides.

The red and yellow additions were made to symbolize Germany’s national flag and using these designs for the national team kits has been a tradition stretching as far back as the 80s.

Similarly, the 2014 home kit worn by Germany during their World Cup triumph has also been fondly remembered by many football fans which combined a V-shaped red design on the white kit with black shoulder stripes.

Ahead of the approaching Qatar World Cup in November, Adidas and Germany look set to release a brand-new kit that has once again managed to stick to tradition and work with black and white designs.

After sporting printed black designs as well as stripes for the past couple of years, Adidas has decided to feature a thick, vertical black strip travelling right through the middle of the jersey.

Furthermore, both the Adidas logo and the Germany badge have been moved to the middle which appears to be done in a golden shade to stand out from the black.

While any mix of black and white designs for German kits seemed to receive approval from supporters in the past, this leaked kit has received mixed reviews from fans.

The biggest critique appears to be aimed toward the central vertical design in black which makes the kit look eerily similar to the shirt worn by teenage cartoon character Ben 10.

Perhaps the doubt amongst the unimpressed supporters stems from the sheer simplicity of the kit’s design.

When Real Madrid released their new home kit for the upcoming season which seemed to be just a white shirt with purple stripes, it too received mixed reviews from the footballing community.

But as soon as the club started playing pre-season games with the same shirt, slowly it began to receive comprehensively favourable reviews from football fans.  

Germany would now be hoping that just as it was the case with Madrid, slowly but surely this DFB kit too shall be welcomed warmly in the markets.