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The Changing Haircuts of Phil Foden Throughout the Years, A Timeline

The Changing Haircuts of Phil Foden Throughout the Years, A Timeline

It’s not easy to take charge of the creative impetus in the midfield of Pep Guardiola, especially when you’re compensating for the absence of an injured Kevin De Bruyne. But not if your name is Phil Foden.

After all, not every player can have the fortune of being tagged as the ‘most talented player I have ever seen in my career as a manager’ by Pep Guardiola himself.

Under Guardiola’s management, Foden has been a key player in Manchester City‘s success. All while scoring 71 goals and providing 49 assists in 247games.

His contributions with the England National team cannot be overlooked as well. It was the 2020 UEFA Euros that brought the midfielder into the public eye.

What also grabbed a handful of attention during the tournament was not only his performance but his unique hairstyle for the 2020 EURO championship. Looking back at it now, the English midfielder did adorn quite a few hairstyles over the years.

And why shouldn’t he? Making headlines with audacious hairstyles on the football pitch has been a trend for decades.

Whether it’s Ronaldo Nazario’s legendary semi-circle hair strip or Ronaldinho’s unruly, free-flowing curly locks, more often than not, you can guess these players just by having a peek at their hairstyles.

But what stands out for Phil Foden is that his hairstyles are simple and resemble the street-style pixie haircut.

He always prefers to keep his hair on the shorter side and styles it perfectly, adding a contemporary touch to it.

Phil Foden’s hairstyles might have varied over the years, but they have always revolved around a similar central theme. While we’re at it, let’s have a look at some of his most popular past hairstyles.

Hairstyle in 2019-2020:

Modern Short Quiff With Decals – During this period, a young Foden preferred to keep his hair a bit lengthier. This haircut, featured in Phil Foden’s look book, is characterized by short sides and longer hair on top styled into a quiff.

This look typically incorporates a mid-fade on the sides and may include the addition of decorative designs or decals to enhance its appearance. It’s a trendy and manageable hairstyle that offers a stylish look, particularly when maintained with minimal styling efforts.

Hairstyle in 2021:

The Gazza-style Haircut- This particular hairstyle of Phil Foden has generated considerable buzz around him. Prior to EURO 2020, the midfielder was seen sporting a faithful recreation of Paul Gascoigne’s haircut from EURO 1996. This style showcases a buzzed haircut complemented by a platinum blonde bleached hair color.

Hairstyle in 2022:

The ’47’ Cut- Foden might not typically endorse outrageous styles, but he made an exception with this particular one. A few years ago, Foden caught the internet by surprise when he unveiled his new hairstyle. Initially resembling a typical faded-buzz cut, it held a distinct feature. Foden had shaved the number ’47’ at the back of his head as a tribute.

He dons the number ’47’ for Manchester City as a tribute to his grandfather and even has a tattoo of it on his neck. However, shaving it at the back of his head was a bold move that sparked discussions across the internet. Not many reactions were positive though.

Hairstyles since 2023:

Buzz Cut with Skin Fade: This style offers a subtle variation of the classic buzz cut. While maintaining a uniformly short length on top, the sides gradually fade into the skin, delivering a sleek and sharp appearance that accentuates the contours of his head.

Buzz Cut with a Line-Up: Foden has occasionally opted for an edgier and more defined look by combining his buzz cut with a distinct line-up featuring various designs.

This involves defining the hairlines around the forehead, temples, and back, resulting in a very neat appearance.

For quite some time, Foden has been fixated on this buzz cut. Though there might be occasional changes in texture, parting styles, or different line-up variations, the hairstyle has consistently followed a similar trend.

Current Hairstyle:

Foden took to social media to reveal his new haircut adorned in late 2023. This haircut features a short buzz-cut style paired with a side-tapered low-fade finish.

Adding contrast, he also sports two line-ups at the back of his right side. This hairstyle blends modern edginess with a touch of classic finesse, which Foden effortlessly pulls off.

At the end of the day, it was his bleached Gazza-style that garnered the most attention and resonated among the public. Even as a bet, Foden challenged all his English teammates to replicate the bleach-blonde haircut if they won Euro 2020.

People’s desire to see the entire England squad in bleached platinum hair might have been shattered by Italy in the finals, but many people were influenced by Foden’s style.

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