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Who Are Manchester City’s Top 9 Goal Scorers In The Current Squad?

Who Are Manchester City’s Top 9 Goal Scorers In The Current Squad?

Manchester City has been sitting comfortably at the top of the Premier League for some time now, after making the most of Chelsea’s injury crisis in November/December 2021. There are no questions asked about their football skill, having been Premier League champions for the most part of the 2011-2021 decade. With consecutive win counts like that, it’s safe to say that they have impressive goal scorers in their team, and we take a look at their best below. Please note, that all stats are accurate at the time of writing. 

Riyad Mahrez

After starting out in Leicester City, Riyad Mahrez moved to Manchester City in July 2018 on a five-year contract. There’s no doubt about this 30-year-old’s skill as a winger, given City’s current position in the league tables. In total, Mahrez has made 51 shots and managed to net 13 of them. As well as this, Mahrez has assisted with five goals and has a conversion rate of 25%. According to Mahrez, Man City are in with a solid chance to win the Champion’s League if they continue playing with the same personality they have been. 

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Raheem Sterling

Playing up front alongside Mahrez is Raheem Sterling, who has been part of the City squad since July 2015. In the Premier League, he has made a total of 307 appearances and scored 103 goals. Before he played for City, the 27-year-old played for Liverpool. He was bought by City, who acquired the player after offering him an initial £44 million. Despite being a promising player, Sterling has expressed a desire to move abroad in the hopes of more pitch exposure. In the current transfer window, there are rumours that he may make a move to Barcelona

Phil Foden

Phil Foden stands his ground in midfield for Man City and is one of the most expensive players on the squad. During the current season, Foden has managed to score five goals across only 13 games. At only 21 years of age, the stats he racks up are incredible. Being so early in his career still, there’s no measure of the heights that this young man will go. According to Guardiola, Foden is described as a special player that Man City believe in. However, he puts a word of caution around giving too much praise to young players. 

Bernardo Silva

Hailing from Portugal, Bernardo Silva is a forward midfielder for Manchester City. During his 20 appearances in the current season, Silva has managed to net seven goals. In total, he has made 25 shots, with 14 of them being on target. Silva joined Man City back in May 2017 on an undisclosed transfer. However, it’s speculated that he cost around £43.5 million to secure from Monaco. Silva states he is happy at Manchester City. However, there has been considerable speculation from Guardiola that he was set to leave the club. Although Silva is one of City’s most prized players, Guardiola knows that he cannot force players to be dedicated. 

Kevin De Bruyne

Fellow midfielder Belgian player Kevin De Bruyne is said to be one of the greatest players in the world. During the current season, De Bruyne has scored five goals throughout his 15 appearances. In comparison to some of his teammates, De Bruyne has a relatively clean record when it comes to offsides and fouls, with 0 cards given. 

Gabriel Jesus

Brazilian footballer Gabriel Jesus is a Man City forward that joined the club in 2017. In the current league, he has managed to score two goals and assist in a further seven. During the current transfer window, Jesus is expected to resign from Manchester City. However, there are speculations that Juventus are keeping an eye on the City star. Unfortunately, despite being a respectable player, quality is declining as he has not scored a goal since September 2021. 

Ilkay Gündogan

Ilkay Gündogan has appeared in 14 of Man City’s 2021/22 Premier League matches and has managed to net four goals. According to, Gündogan ranks at the top of all German players abroad during the current season. The German player has been at City since June 2016, and at 31 years of age, is likely to end his career there. What makes Gündogan so good is that he has the ability to read the game and keep the ball moving at a fast pace, which is something required in all of Guardiola’s men. 

João Cancelo

João Cancelo is a versatile player that can position left/right-back alongside right-wing. When it comes to full-back, Cancelo is considered one of the best. The Portuguese star only joined City in 2019 on a record-breaking transfer for a right-back. In total, City paid £60 million to Juventus, which included a part exchange for Danilo Silva. So far, in the 2021/22 Premier League, he has appeared 20 times and scored one goal. Despite not having high figures, it’s impressive from a full-back player. 

Jack Grealish

Breaking even more transfer records comes England star Jack Grealish, who transferred from Aston Villa for an astonishing £100 million in August 2021. As a midfielder, Grealish has appeared for City 14 times in the current season and managed to net two goals. There are no questions asked when it comes to this man’s talents. However, he has been making headlines for other reasons after being sanctioned by Guardiola for a nightclub blunder following their 7-0 defeat over Leeds. 

Manchester City is currently sitting comfortably at the top of the Premier League table, with many dubbing their favourites to win. With a star-studded team including the players in this list, there’s no surprise that City is the best in the league right now. You can catch Man City’s as they face Swindon Town, Chelsea, and Southampton in the coming weeks.