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Sneak Peek At The New Man United Goalkeeper Kits For 22/23 Season

Sneak Peek At The New Man United Goalkeeper Kits For 22/23 Season

As we head further and further towards the end of the season, information regarding the looks teams will sport in the 22/23 season continues to leak. 

Normally, these leaks drop in a systematic fashion and one follows another. 

Rarely do we see kits for many major clubs drop simultaneously, but such is the case for next season’s goalkeeper kits created by Adidas

While using a particular template as a foundation for kits is common, the German sportswear brand has opted to use a base design as the keeper kit for all major teams it sponsors. Images of the Manchester United variant have recently leaked, and they look rather stunning. 

As seen in these images, United’s keeper kit is set to follow Adidas’ Condivo 22 keeper jersey template. In an attempt to streamline the process, the design seen here will be shared by other European heavyweights as well. 

The design itself appears to be a mosaic pattern and will come in 3 different colourways. 

The shades are going to be yellow, turquoise-blue and black. Each shade will receive a different colour of the 3 stripes in order to provide better contrast. Yellow and turquoise-blue both will feature black logos, the black variant on the other hand features white ones. 

While the keeper jersey won’t exactly be unique, it certainly is eye-catching. 

Fans online were of the same opinion, and many seemed to prefer the keeper kit to the base strips that were leaked beforehand.