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Everything We Know About The Manchester City 3rd Kit For 23/24 Season

Everything We Know About The Manchester City 3rd Kit For 23/24 Season

Another week and another kit leak, and on this occasion, it has all to do with Manchester City‘s third kit for the 2023/24 season.

Sponsored by German sportswear brand Puma, the Cityzens’ kits for this year were, for the lack of a better term, a mixed bunch. 

The primary strip kept things simple and brought forward a clean look with blue being the predominant colour. Puma added further flair to the shirt by introducing splashes of red into the design, and overall, the kit was received well.

The away strip followed suit in terms of fanfare, as it was a modern rendition of a classic City kit, featuring black stripes running diagonally on a red base. 

While the primary and secondary kits were a hit among fans, the third kit ended up being the outlier. 

Puma has always opted for bold designs when it comes to City’s third kits, as evidenced by the horrid template they used during the 2021/22 season. 

Fans online were certain that this year’s kit couldn’t possibly be worse than its predecessor, but they were swiftly proved wrong, as Puma dropped a neon yellow and black infused eyesore.

After taking a glance at the kit, City fans were convinced that the brand uses City’s third kits for experimentation, and well, they do have a point.

Fortunately for them, Puma’s leaked efforts for next season’s kit look phenomenal. 

As seen in this leaked image, City’s third strip will go all-dark once again.

The base colour is either black or dark navy with a reddish tint, which pairs sublimely with red-coloured accents that feature all over the shirt.

The most striking element of the design is undoubtedly the stunning graphics, an electric pattern which runs all across, adding a much-needed jolt to the look. 

The light blue coloured waves buzz about but leave space in the middle to allow for the proper placement of the Etihad logo. 

On the topic of logos, they are all coloured in red, including the club crest which features red outlines. 

Apart from the graphic, light blue is also used around the sleeve cuffs and round-neck collar, topping off an immaculate design. 

To give you a finer picture, here’s a concept created by @manchestriconic based on the leaked information and with Kevin De Bryune in the frame.  

If the leak turns out to be accurate, fans are in for a treat next season, as this is already a contender for the kit of the year.