Flamengo forward Michael unleashes one of the worst hairstyles ever in football

Flamengo forward’s bizarre hairstyle goes viral on social media

Besides a wolf howling at the moon, there is also a tree and a couple of bats etched out on Michael’s head.

Safe to say, things got slightly weird in the Copa do Brasil yesterday.

Viewers watching Sao Paulo’s clash v Flamengo were met with a surprise as the camera panned towards the back of Michael Richard Delgado de Oliveira in the first half.

The Flamengo forward was seen sporting a bizarre new hairstyle, one that looked like a tattoo at first.

Now, bizarre hairstyles are not uncommon in the world of football, but the sheer monstrosity on display here will leave you speechless –

Michael isn’t the first and certainly won’t be the last player to mesmerize football fans with a spectacular barnet.

Here’s a selection we think is quintessential while talking about the worst hairstyles in football –

1. Giovanni Simeone

Son of Diego channelling his inner samurai

2. Ronaldo

Sensational hitman but not a fashionista

3. Joe Cole

What the f*ck is that on your head Joe?