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Flamengo fan morphs into home kit with legendary body tattoo

Flamengo fan morphs into home kit with legendary body tattoo

Fans have always had their own unique ways of showcasing love for their club.

While some attend every match, name their children after players, create sculptures, tattoo club-related memories, there are a few who manage to take a whole new level to prove their devotion to the club.

One such extremely passionate fan is Flamengo fan Mauricio dos Anjos, who chose to display his love for his club fan by tattooing his club’s shirt all over his body.

Back in 2018, the 35-year-old tattoed the Flamengo home shirt over his upper body, so much so that it looks like an authentic jersey.

The entire upper torso with shoulders and arms have been inked in black and red colours with the crest at the right spot, almost invalidating the use of an actual shirt.

Over 90 hours, compacted into 32 sessions, was required to complete this magnificent body art.

In an interview with Vice, Anjos said, “I always wanted to have a Flamengo tattoo, ever since I became a fan as a child. I got a vulture [the team mascot] with the Flamengo shield on my biceps. Last year, I decided to get a tattoo of the jersey, which is something I’d actually been wanting to get for a while.”

When asked about the immense pain that he must’ve gone through in the process, he replied, “The ribs hurt, but the spine was the worst — that was just terrible. My neck and stomach hurt pretty bad, too, but the rest was fine.”

This astounding dedication to his beloved football club has garnered admiration and disapproval alike from people worldwide.

While several people saw this as short-sighted and senseless, others, including legendary Brazilian international Zico (whose autograph on his body was later tattoed), bowed down before this super-fan.

His tattoo had worked like a lucky charm too. The club hadn’t won the Copa Libertadores since 1981, but within a year of this masterpiece being inked, they were crowned as the champions.

Perhaps, this is what is why Mauricio dos Anjos says, “Trust me, I never felt any regret”.