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Look: Richarlison Gets Full Back Tattoo Of Himself, R9 And Neymar

Look: Richarlison Gets Full Back Tattoo Of Himself, R9 And Neymar

After stunning the world with his performance in the FIFA World Cup, despite Brazil getting knocked out in the Round of 16, 25-year-old Richarlison has gone ahead to stun the world with his latest shenanigan that is much more permanent than the effect of his goals for Brazil – a full-back tattoo.

However, fans don’t seem to be as enthusiastic about Richarlison’s new ink and they have been quite vocal about it.

The Tottenham forward took to Instagram to share his latest bodywork and Twitter wasn’t about to commend Richarlison’s move.

It almost seems like Richarlison made far too hasty a decision following Brazil’s exit in Qatar.

The Brazilian reshared a story posted by his tattoo artist, Dom, which revealed to the world his elaborate new tattoo, which features his face and the faces of Brazilian legend Ronaldo Nazario and his current Brazil teammate Neymar.

Here’s the completed version –

Now, while fans may feel ambiguous about Richarlison’s decision, one person that is going to be pleased with Richarlison’s reshared story is his tattoo artist, Dom.

While Dom has only a few hundred thousand followers, Richarlison has a terrific fan following of about 19 million, all of whom now are in awe of Dom’s art.

Now, Richarlison has amassed an impressive collection of tattoos, but this newfound obsession with tattoos only emerged after 2020, after the Brazilian took a U-turn from his original stand of not wanting to get inked so that he could be a regular blood donor.

In fact, his tattoo artist, Dom, has revealed in an interview, that the Brazilian has gotten addicted to body art.

To give you an example, the Tottenham forward also has the chant that his fans sing for him while he plays, tattooed on his neck.

Richarlison has also got a tattoo of his name and the Olympic medal he received in 2020.

Being one of the younger players of the team, Richarlison does have a burden that Neymar will soon be discharged of and that is of bringing a FIFA World Cup trophy home.

Can tattooing a Brazilian legend along with a contemporary star be an inspiration to the 25-year-old striker? Tottenham manager, Antonio Conte, will certainly hope so for the sake of his 4th-ranked side.