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Rape Threats Sent To Moroccan Girl Who Trolled Cristiano Ronaldo Outside Stadium

Rape Threats Sent To Moroccan Girl Who Trolled Cristiano Ronaldo Outside Stadium

Portugal’s exodus from the FIFA World Cup in Qatar has surprised fans across the globe. A defiant Morocco strong-armed the Portuguese’s attack and prevailed with no injury to their campaign.

The talismanic forward, Cristiano Ronaldo couldn’t do anything but watch from the bench until the 51st minute of the game. This was the second game in a row when the 37-year-old failed to start a knockout World Cup game. He was angry but had no say, unfortunately.

Despite all his best efforts, Ronaldo couldn’t find a goal or two to rescue Portugal from the jaws of defeat. And an African side made it to the semi-final stage for the first time in World Cup history. 

Cristiano Ronaldo in tears after Morocco beat Portugal.

The Moroccans were on cloud nine. It was a sporting feat like no other for a nation that was never in contention to make it out of a group that had Belgium and Croatia. And naturally, the fans couldn’t hold their excitement.

After the match, an interviewer outside the stadium asked a seven-year-old Moroccan girl about her nation’s triumph over Portugal. The emotions were high in this kid who had witnessed something extraordinary. Although she had a few words for the Portuguese side.

“Portugal! The airport is that Way. And where is Ronaldo? He’s crying in his car. Poor Ronaldo!”

This was all done in good spirit and humour like when during the opening days of the tournament, a Saudi Arabian fan went viral with his mockingly funny question: ‘Where’s Messi?’, after his country’s historic win over Argentina. It turned into a meme and was left alone after a while.

But the comments of this innocent young girl had received filth from toxic Ronaldo fans.

A user who claims to be a Ronaldo supporter threatened to ‘rape’ this girl who only playfully mocked Portugal and Ronaldo’s exit from the World Cup while another one commented ‘Leave me alone with her in a room.’

No one knows whether these are true supporters of the man in question, but what we know is that these users or fans are an absolute disgrace to the sport and humanity.

There is no argument anyone can make to defend the comment of this anonymous fan, but a few good samaritans jumped in and reported his account to Twitter. 

This incident has disgusted the online community who are now calling out Ronaldo fans as toxic and immoral. One can only hope that the true loyal fans of CR7 can rise at this moment and show that they are not vile and would threaten a small girl.