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‘Donate Us Your Sperm’: Cristiano Ronaldo fans make request in unusual banner

‘Donate Us Your Sperm’: Cristiano Ronaldo fans make request in unusual banner

Is there a bigger superstar in world football than Cristiano Ronaldo

Going by sheer numbers alone, the answer is a firm no, as the Portuguese International is not only the most followed person on Instagram but is also one of the most recognizable celebrities on the globe. 

His stardom, propelled by his seismic achievements on the pitch, is simply unparalleled, and it’s quite common to see fans queuing up to simply get a glimpse of the legendary footballer.

Fans often enter contests in droves to get the man’s signature, and signs held aloft in stadiums asking for Ronaldo’s shirt are commonplace. While his shirt or signature are perfectly reasonable requests, these two fans were looking for a bit more, to say the least. 

Captured during Portugal’s World Cup qualifier against North Macedonia at the Estadio De Dragao, this photo displays the 2 rather eager supporters. The occasion itself was a joyous one as the Portuguese managed to seal their spot in Qatar through a Bruno Fernandes brace. 

Amidst all the revelry, the cameras spotted these 2 women holding aloft a curious sign. 

This was no shirt or selfie request and instead asked for the Man United striker’s…sperm. 

The sign read “Ronaldo doa-nos o teu”, next to it was a caricature of a sperm cell. 

Upon translation, the sign reads – “Ronaldo donate yours to us”.

Also attached to the sign were the flags of Portugal and Brazil, suggesting that the women were of different nationalities, perhaps brought together by a similar motive.

Needless to say, their requests, almost definitely, went unfulfilled. For all of Ronaldo’s philanthropic and charitable interests, we’re sure he strayed far away from this one.