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This photo of James Milner is the face of peak masculinity

This photo of James Milner is the face of peak masculinity

James Milner has been a loyal servant to Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool side ever since he joined the Reds back in 2015 on a free deal after leaving their rivals Manchester City.

In the span of 7 years, Milner has become a club legend.

Whenever there is a shortage of fit players in any position on the pitch, Klopp entrusts Milner to do the job for him.

The 36-year old Englishman, known as Mr Versatile by Liverpool fans, has played in defensive, central and attacking positions in the midfield, and has also played on the wing and as a fullback.

Milner has been the perfect man for his team whenever it’s needed.

Milner instils life in the game. He is a fan favourite as he continually shows his qualities on and off the pitch which has amassed him a huge following online.

So, when a Reddit user posted about having used a masculinity filter ’37 times’ on his own photo, fans were quick to point out that the resulting image looked an awful lot like James Milner.

“Ran my face through masculine filter 37 times, until it stopped making changes, apparently this is peak masculinity,” said a user on subreddit r/196.

Football fans agreed and showed support:

While some were quick to point out some other players the image resembled as well.

Regardless, the mutual understanding in the online discourse is that the image does resemble Milner and nobody doubts him to be ‘the manliest man’.

Unfortunately, Milner will be without a contract after the end of this season as he hasn’t yet reached an agreement with Liverpool over a new contract.

The 36-year old has revealed he is ‘unsure’ about his contract negotiations, but according to the ever-reliable Fabrizio Romano, talks have been progressing regarding Milner’s new contract.

The Reds have also started looking for a young replacement, but to no avail as of late. Milner has had a long career of over 19 years, but it would still be sad to see him go, especially under the current circumstances when the only obstacle in front of him is an agreement with the club that adores him.

However, Milner is fit and ready to give it his all this season as he returns to the squad after missing out on two cup fixtures, as Liverpool plays Watford on the 2nd of April, 2022.