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Fans Can’t Differentiate Between Khaby Lame And Ferland Mendy, They’re Basically Twins

Fans Can’t Differentiate Between Khaby Lame And Ferland Mendy, They’re Basically Twins

Tiktok sensation Khaby Lame has returned with yet another Football collaboration, adding to the incredible list of players the Italian has crossed paths with. 

For the uninitiated, Khaby Lame is a mega-popular social media star, and currently boasts the title of being the most followed account on Tiktok with over 152m followers.

His other socials are similarly impressive, with his Instagram racking up 80m + followers, and his YouTube channel nearing the 5m million mark.

Hakimi and Mbappe doing the Khaby Lame pose.

The Italian is as Internet famous as one can get, and his popularity continues to propel him to new heights.

Aside from being buds with Kylian Mbappe and Achraf Hakimi, the 22-year-old has met and collaborated with some of the biggest footballing figures out there.

Be it a chance meeting with Leo Messi or recruiting Zlatan Ibrahimovic as backup, Lame is well-acquainted with the who’s who of the game.

His latest Football related link-up is similarly impressive, as the Italian crossed paths with Real Madrid fullback Ferland Mendy.

The Frenchman missed out on France’s squad for the ongoing World Cup, and after a brief break, he has returned to training with Real Madrid.

The link-up came to light through Khaby’s Instagram, as he posted a picture alongside the 27-year-old.

Grinning from ear to ear, the pair looked plenty pleased, and upon seeing the image, fans only had one thing to say.

The two look uncannily similar.

From the nose shapes to the manner of their smiles, there really is a strong resemblance.

Add their entirely similar haircuts into the equation, and it really is a one-for-one match.

Another parallel they share relates to their ancestry, as both Khaby and Mendy hail from Senegal.

On account of the stark similarities, Khaby himself added a caption saying ‘My twin’.

While there are certainly some differences, the pair might have actually found their doppelgangers in each other.